Alan has spoken at a variety of events and conferences during the past several years.  This has included FTSE 10 companies such as BT Plc and HSBC Bank. Additionally, Alan has presented at a number of educational institutions around the world, including UC Berkeley, and for sight related charities in the US and UK.

Alan uses his unique experiences as a means of illustrating the following themes, which are applicable to any aspect of business of corporate life.  Moreover, whilst he is an amateur adventure athlete in spite of his sight loss, Alan primarily works in the global telecoms business.  This balance of his adventure expeditions and a business career, mean that he can directly relate his endeavours in the Atlantic and Antarctica to the world of work.

  • The Importance of Having a Goal –  When I lost much of my eyesight in 2004, I also lost my military career and the ability to undertake many of the everyday activities we tend to take for granted – reading, driving, watching a beautiful sunset.  Against this backdrop of shock and uncertainty, the fact I still clung to some goals to focus on helped me to gradually get back on my feet and channel my frustration and energy in a constructive way.  In my case, it was the prospect of pushing myself to complete a series of personal ambitions which included rowing the Atlantic Ocean, skiing to the South Pole and swimming the English Channel.  The experience of having such goals to work towards conferred a valuable lesson in just how important it is to be clear to yourself what you are aiming for and how you can achieve it.
  • Planning for Success – Crossing the Atlantic and skiing to the South Pole were both highly complex endeavours where maximising the chances of success hinged on detailed prior planning, and anticipating contingencies.  In both ventures, overlooking something as seemingly trivial as a single spare screw, or perhaps the durability of a seal in saltwater conditions could prove the catalyst to a sequence of problems ending in failure.  We can never guarantee success with certainty in anything we attempt in life, but we can do much to mitigate against the possibility of avoidable failure.
  • Overcoming Adversity – As with every aspect of life, whether in business or sports, we are often confronted with unforeseen challenges, hardships and obstacles that spear a seemingly unsurmountable barrier to our ambitions.  However, we also know from countless examples around the globe, that there is no limit to what can be achieved in the face of adversity.   My story, centred on overcoming sight loss, aims to convey this message through the details of my own experiences.

Alan has a number of talks planned around these themes, but can utilise his experiences for more bespoke presentations as required.

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