Author: Alan_Lock

The Channel: Swimming through the shipping lanes

Well, we gave it our best shot, but sadly it was not to be. After the original date was aborted due to fog we finally got away at 07.16 am this morning when Sarah Pierce, our first relay swimmer, swam

The Channel: Fog stops swim.

It’s an abort.  We’re currently sat in a fairly depressing transport café just outside Dover. Although the sea conditions were fine, there was dense fog and the pilot pulled the attempt for today.  Particularly frustrating as we were all up

The Channel: We’re on!

OK – we’re on for a 6am start tomorrow!  Just completed a final shop with my wife – plenty of bananas, soups, cookies and, obviously, some pot noodeles…. It’s fair to say I’m quite nervous.  Although this is a relay

The Channel: Tapering and pasta.

We’ve just had what should be our last sea swim before we tackle the Channel, potentially as early as Friday. The weather here, whilst quite warm, gave us a final shakedown of our sea swimming technique. The wind and chop

Hello world!

Welcome!  Putting this site together is something I’ve been keen to do for some time, and so I’m really excited that it’s finally come together. My name is Alan Lock, and I suppose you could class me as an ‘amateur