The Channel: Tapering and pasta.

We’ve just had what should be our last sea swim before we tackle the Channel, potentially as early as Friday. The weather here, whilst quite warm, gave us a final shakedown of our sea swimming technique. The wind and chop made the 6 or so hours we did in the water really challenging at times. We’ve generally been blessed with calm conditions whenever we’ve trained at Dover or in Jersey, so it took a while to get back used to the choppy stuff. There is always that first 5 minutes when you’re struggling to get breath and it seems like the mist of spray and the occasional mouthful of salt water is about to drown you. Then of course, you remember your technique, focus on the breathing and calm down. Looking at things objectively, I think it was actually fortunate that we had some less than optimal conditions to finish our training on, since you mentally feel you have that experience – and hopefully the knowledge that you can overcome it – fresh in your head.

So, now I’m on the ‘taper’ – its about wrapping oneself in cotton wool, getting plenty of sleep and eating a ton of pasta the night before. And, as with everything fingers crossed for the weather!