Hello world!

Welcome!  Putting this site together is something I’ve been keen to do for some time, and so I’m really excited that it’s finally come together.

My name is Alan Lock, and I suppose you could class me as an ‘amateur adventurer’ or ‘adventure athlete’.  They are  possibly  overused terms, and I know there are countless others out pounding the planet on ice, on the waves and across parched deserts.  I’m a little different since in 2004 I lost much of my eyesight due to a rare genetic condition that has left me registered blind.  As such, I’ve had to come to terms with losing one of the most critical senses in the human body, coupled with the ensuing impact on every aspect of life, from the loss of childhood dreams through to the inability to read.

However, at that challenging time in my life, one of the things that gave me hope was reading of others, many facing far more traumatic conditions than mine, that had gone on to achieve incredible things.  That sparked the determination in myself to really reach for the stars in defiance of any limitations I might have.  Consequently I set out to attempt four of the toughest challenges I could envision – rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, skiing to the South Pole, completing the gruelling 151 mile Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara and swimming the English Channel.

I saw these ventures as positive ways to channel my energy, and  – as well as completing a personal ambition – I hoped to support sight related causes around the globe, and in some way help to inspire others, just as I had been inspired myself.

So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to successfully complete the first three of these endeavours, and will shortly be making a critical step on my way to, I hope, completing the last – swimming the English Channel.  In late September I’ll be undertaking a 4 person Channel relay by way of a ‘dry run’ for a solo next year.

Anyway, I hope to keep you informed of my progress and demonstrate that the human will to overcome any obstacle is something that resides in us all.

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